Brief and Proposal

Candidate Number: 6034

Candidate name: Adam Borowski


Theme: Memories

Aims of the project:
The aim of this project is to produce a window installation as the final outcome linking back to the artists and your own sources and putting it together to create a final piece. We gathered a range of primary sources from our summer holiday and will be documenting them using a range of materials and techniques. I also kept a small journal book where I wrote some notes once a week during the summer holiday stating what I did and at what time.

Primary sources and secondary sources:
During the holiday, I focused on gathering items around the 5 senses which include touch, smell, sight, taste and noise. Throughout summer, I gathered leaflets, old toys, electronics, small sketches, bottle caps, old documents such as an Oyster card. I also gathered some smells in tiny test tubes of things in my room such as smells from my closet.

Ideas and responses:
In my responses, I will be looking at artists and linking them between one another explaining how they link to the project of memories and how they influence myself in this project. I will also use my box file to produce my own responses putting my own feel into them but using the style of the artists looking into both 2D and 3D.  

Critical and contextual References and influences:
The two main artist that I plan to focus on are Howard Hodgkin and Andy Warhol. Hodgkin has used child-like paintings to record his memories of various events. He used simple shapes and brush strokes with different colors to paint a memory that he once experienced. I will plan on using that in a part of my window installation perhaps the background or the sides and filling the middle with responses from Andy Warhol. He created time capsules and every month, he would get a box and fill it with items such as mail, newspapers or every-day items. I plan on creating my own time capsules referring to my own memories and most likely using them in my final piece.

Intended techniques, media, processes and timescales:
In this project, I will be using a wide range of techniques and process from which some I am really good at and a few that I find very difficult. Some of my strongest techniques are:
- Sculpture
- Drawing
- CAD (Computer Aided Design)
- Prints
- Collage

Some of my weaknesses are:
- Painting

Intended final outcome/s:
I plan on creating a time capsule surrounded by drawings or collages of my Hodgkin responses. As for the time capsule, it will contain items that reflect to me as an individual and item that are important to me as a memory.

Proposed methods of review and evaluation:

Proposed method of presentation and final review:
I want the time capsule to be opened and the items to be spread around so that each once can be seen. Some might be stuck to the sides or lay around the capsule. I'm still not sure how the actual capsule will look, but I want it to be something like a treasure chest which highlights that the items in the box are very precious to me as a memory.
The image to the left shows a small preview of how the items in the installation will be spread out. As you can see, the items will hang on white string and that means I might have to use white paper to cover the surroundings. I was thinking black at the start; however I yet need to know what effect the light will have on each of the strings and papers to choose the best match.

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  1. A great brief now which clearly states your aims and intentions.
    I would like you to comment on the 'proposed methods of review and evaluation' -consider HOW you will review and know if your outcome is successful- (for example what do you want it to communicate to the viewer? How will you know if you have met your aims?)
    You may also decide to review and evaluate whether that if your final piece has incorporated all of the artists you have explore and combined them effectively.