Time Line

Andy Warhol 1928

Audrey Flack 1931


Audrey Flack was born in 1931 in New York. She is an American photorealist painter, printmaker, and sculptor. She specialises with realistic paintings which take realism to a whole new level. 

 One of three monumental paintings in Audrey Flack's Vanitas series (1976-78), Marilyn is among the most significant works of the artist's oeuvre. Drawing from the related traditions of still life, vanitas, and trompe l'oeil, Flack's painting endows material objects with layered symbolic meaning and expands the possibilities of these historical genres through innovations in form and content.


Howard Hodgkin 1932


Howard Hodgkin born 6th of August 1932 is one of the leading British painters and printmakers. His work covers the field of abstract art. Some of his early paintings included hard- edged curved forms and colour limitations. Some of his work is currently present in the Tate Britain Gallery in London and has been exhibited there since 2006.

Venice Evening 1984–5 andVenice Sunset 1989 are among his smallest works and although composed of broad, gestural brushstrokes, they capture the changing illumination of the city with extraordinary accuracy.


Andy Goldsworthy 1956

Cornelia Parker 1956

Peter Callesen 1967

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  1. Great! However you could be more thorough when talking about the context surrounding ech individual artist and how they link to the overall theme of Memories. Also make your timeline stretch over a much longer period of time (e.g. 21st-20th century, 19th century and pre 19th century).Mr B